Editing a Webpage: Pages & Design

Editing a Webpage: Pages

The Pages section is where you can add, delete, and order the pages on your website.  

The order of the pages represents the order they will be displayed in on the navigation bar of your site.

You must be on the Pages section of the site to edit a specific page’s content.

Also, you can access system pages through the Pages section, including the User, Checkout, Product, Others, & Commercial Terms pages

System Pages:

User: Login, Signup, Forgot Password, Store Signup, Campaign

Checkout: View Cart, Address, Shipping, Payment Method, Confirm, Order Complete

Product: View Blank Product, View Pre-Decorated Products, Design on Product, View Design

Others: Search Results, Send Quote Request

Commercial: Returns Policy, Guarantee, Privacy Policy, User Agreement, Printing Information, Sublimation Information, Embroidery Information, Screen Printing Information, Transfer Information, Rhinestone Template Information, Shipping Information

Page Settings:

Once a page has been added to the site, its settings should be configured.  These settings include:

Show in Menu: Choose to display the page in the main navigation of the website

Page Details: Configure Page Status & Template, Breadcrumbs, and the type of Header

Meta Tags: Configure the Page Title, Meta Keywords, and Description

Editing a Webpage: Design

The Design section is where you can control the color scheme and functionality of the website.  The design section is broken down into 4 subsections: Logo & Title, Style Editor, Page Options, and Social Site Settings.

Logo & Title: Configure the Site Name, Logo, Page Title, Address Bar Icon

Style Editor Design Colors: Header, Navigation, Footer, Body, Buttons, Designer

Page Options Content Display Settings: Page, Header, and Body of the site

Social Site Links: Attach links to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram