Make MOney selling Custom or Branded Apparel Online

Make MOney selling Custom or Branded Apparel Online

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Our Affiliate Websites Are Fun & Easy To Use

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How Our Affiliate Website Opportunity Works

How Our Affiliate Website Opportunity Works

1. Sign Up

-100 Free

-No Contracts

-Control of Commission

2. Configure

-Site Appearance


-Decorated Products

3. Market

-Social Media

-SEO & Email

-Word of Mouth

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-Customer Paces Order

-We Print & Ship

-Collect Commissions

Learn More About Our Affiliate Website Opportunity

Learn More About Our Affiliate Website Opportunity

What is a Print Phase Affiliate Website?

A Print Phase affiliate website is an ecommerce website where you can sell custom-decorated apparel, gifts, or large print products with no risk.  

Print Phase’s product line includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags, photo gifts, posters, banners, and hundreds more. 

Affiliates have complete control of their wholesale to retail markup/commission. Print Phase acts as the fulfillment center for their affiliates, and drop-ships orders that are made through an affiliate website directly to the customer, white-labeled.    

Who Should Sign up for an Affiliate Website?

A successful affiliate must have three things: a market where people want to buy what they are selling, quality artwork, and the ability to market and drive traffic to the website.  

Small business, clubs, organizations, entrepreneurs, artists, or anyone with a product & market to sell to are ideal Print Phase affiliates.  These businesses and individuals often do not have the time, space, or money to in-source production of promotional or retail products, and they often waste a lot of money outsourcing them. 

Why Sign Up for an Affiliate Website?

Print Phase affiliate websites are not only powerful and effective, they are risk-free!  Our affiliate websites are high-quality and we offer fast shipping and low prices on all our products.

We have created detailed videos that break down how to set up and run your affiliate site to make things as easy as possible.  The only responsibilities of a Print Phase affiliate are to market their website and drive traffic.  The real question is: why wouldn’t you use a Print Phase affiliate website?

How does the Affiliate Process Work?

It starts when an affiliate signs up.  From there, our affiliates can build their website: configuring website settings like the domain name, prices, commissions, products to sell, and then the web pages themselves, including content, design, and navigation.  

Once your site is launched, it can begin taking on sales.  After a sale is made, the order is sent to Print Phase to decorate and ship directly to the customer.  

The affiliate receives their commission from the sale at the end of the following month through a Paypal commission payment.

Where Does Print Phase Ship Orders From / To?

We fulfill and ship all our orders within the United States.  We do offer international shipping as well, however it is obviously much more expensive and more difficult to track.  

We are headquartered out of Columbus, Ohio.  That puts us in the middle of the United States, population-wise, and ideal spot for shipping all over the country.

Orders are shipped through both USPS and UPS and take between 1-4 business days to arrive at the customer’s doorstep once they have been decorated.

When Should I sign up for a Website?

It is almost never a bad time to start a Print Phase Affiliate website!  Whether you are a small business looking to sell branded products or an individual looking to start a new business, a Print Phase affiliate website is a great tool for both making money and expanding your brand.


Print Phase Affiliate websites are easy to use and inexpensive to operate, making them a perfect solution for many businesses and individuals to make sales 24/7 while taking on no additional risk.